Beach Cleans – Think Global Act Local

Beach cleans - think global act local When walking on the beach theres on average 2 pieces of litter for every footstep you take. The tide on beaches appears to be turning as the amount of litter on Uk beaches has more than doubled since 1994 and as a result over 100,000 marine animals are... Continue Reading →


No Waste Week Day 7 & Summary

No waste week came to a close yesterday, and I think the whole team can agree that the week has been a success for ourselves and the environment. Although each of us only made a very small difference, if everyone makes a small difference to the amount of waste, a massive difference can be achieved.... Continue Reading →

No Waste Week Days 5&6

As we began to conclude the week, we have all agreed that it is very difficult to completely eliminate plastic from our lifestyles. The success of the teams beach clean on Thursday showed us all first hand how significant the effects of plastics along the coastline and in our oceans are. This week has inspired... Continue Reading →

Our Disposable Age

How many of the christmas presents you have received have you used once, and then placed at the back of the cupboard for a rainy day, only to throw them away years later? We are living in an age where, more often than not, we use something once and then discard it because the next... Continue Reading →

Are microfibres a mega problem?

I sat down with Cordelia Roberts, recent Marine Biology and Oceanography graduate from Plymouth University, to talk about her remarkable research on plastic microfibres in the ocean. The topic of her study is very timely and she is aiming to publish her results in a high ranking journal. What are microfibres? “Microfibres are a fibrous... Continue Reading →

No Waste Week Days 3&4

Through these middle days of the week, we are all learning valuable lessons on the best way to reduce waste. Tabi is leading the way so far because of her shopping around strategy, where she went to different shops at the market to carefully select her food items. Collectively we have agreed that most waste... Continue Reading →

The Circular Economy and Our Oceans

How can the circular economy movement help to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans? Many have heard of the ‘circular economy’, but what actually is it? What does it aim to do? The circular economy is an economic framework promoting activity that builds and rebuilds overall system health. Right now, we have a linear economy,... Continue Reading →

No Waste Week – Day 2

Sorry for the late post guys! This should have been published last night but I’ve been really ill, so didn’t get round to posting last night. All four of us are still experimenting with different ways to reduce our plastic waste, all of us with differing opinions on the best method. For example, Tabi went... Continue Reading →

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